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Educational Outreach

The Educational Outreach Programme is one designed to open up the project to the community at large, from students, experts from various disciplines, and the general public. In partnership with the Department of Art and Art History, at the University of Malta, educational initiatives will provide wide-ranging opportunities to share our Malta Pavilion with diverse communities...

Lecture Series

Educational Outreach Programme

A multi-disciplinary public lecture series designed for the general public that will explore the various aspects of the project, ranging from art history, to curatorship, and artistic practice. For example, one such lecture, titled ‘From Valletta to Venice: Caravaggio and our Contemporary Imaginary’, will specifically address the principles of peace, justice and equality and how these have been artistically manifested across the centuries.


This series of  lectures will be hosted by the curators, artists and other acclaimed international scholars and artists in both Malta and Venice—at relevant artistic and educational institutions in Malta, Italy, and the US, including local sixths forms, MCAST, and the University of Malta— and onsite at the Malta Pavilion and in the Oratory, offering viewers the opportunity to further explore the relationship with Caravaggio’s

Interested In Joining Our Programme?

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