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Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci


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Words in conception, struggling for clarity and presence. Words imbued with multiple primordial spellings, incantations, and meanings: μορφή; humankind, hominum, homine, osse, ossa, ghadam, ossea; form, forma, ΖΩΗ, life, vita, anima; God, θεός, Dio, الله, Alla, Allah, אלוהים, flow and weave into an incomprehensible ocean of vowels. consonants and in between silence giving birth to the first utterance, leading to its affann silenced  בָּטֵל., xejn, nihil, κενός, فارغ, vacuo heartbeat before the advent of nothingness.


Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci studied Philosophy, Law and the Arts. He graduated from the University of Malta, from the State University of Kiev, and from the State University of Moscow, and undertook postgraduate research studies at the State University of Milan.


He has authored several books on Modern and Contemporary Art, Philosophy of Art, and Maltese twentieth-century Art. Schembri Bonaci is coordinator of the Fine Arts Programme in the Department of Art and Art History, Artistic Director of the APS Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, and was Artistic Director of the Strada Stretta Concept, a cultural programme under the auspices of the Valletta Cultural Agency until 2022.


He is currently working on a series of publications on the Maltese artist Josef Kalleya’s visual dialogue with Dante’s Divina Commedia and a novel history of Mediterranean Modern Art.

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